Superior Service.

Exceptional Results.

If you’re like most healthcare providers, you want to focus on your patients and delivering the best care possible without having to worry about your income or your cash-flow. Flatirons Practice Management is dedicated to providing world-class client satisfaction while providing exceptional financial results. We’ve made it possible for several hundreds of healthcare providers, like you, to focus on treating patients without compromising their financial health and stability.

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Superior Service.

Exceptional Results.

Your goal is to become the best healthcare practice in your area, not to worry about who was billed and how many times. Flatirons Practice Management is dedicated to providing world-class client satisfaction while providing the best financial results you could ever find. It’s time to focus on the things that matter to you, and let us help you grow your business.

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Once you’ve seen one billing company, you’ve seen one billing company. It’s a common misconception that all billing companies provide the same service and produce the same results. Nothing could be further from the truth. Flatirons Practice Management frequently outperforms other billing organizations, and here’s how.

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Our team of dedicated billing experts, based in Boulder, CO, are trained to be your full-service medical billing solution. We provide comprehensive Medical Billing, Coding, and Revenue Cycle Management Services to a wide range of physician and non-physician specialties nationwide.

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The Flatirons Difference

"We started our surgical specialty private practice with high hopes of avoiding some of the pitfalls with medical billing and coding. Trying to be efficient and save on costs we initially went with the in-house revenue cycle management built into our EHR. Despite some savings on paper, we had a terrible time collecting on the work we were doing. They simply were not able to manage the complexities of surgical/procedural specialty billing and coding.

David and Flatirons Practice Management were a lifesaver! We immediately saw a significant increase in our monthly corrections AND recovery of missed opportunities from our prior billings.

Instead of dreading to see how much free care we were providing because of poor
management, we saw our average monthly collections increase by 37% since they took over our billing. Wonderful and communicative staff, we really appreciated being able to speak directly with knowledgeable staff here in the US! We even implemented a DME program and David was able to adjust on the fly, correcting collections to account for the cost of product. I can’t express how much I value their service, transparency, and honesty!"

- Benjamin Kam, MD, MPH
"Choosing Flatirons PM was the right decision for us. When we outgrew our inhouse billing capability we searched for a company that had the resources to help us grow while keeping the inhouse feel, personalized customer services and agility to stay ahead of our changing market.  Flatirons PM not only delivered, they did it for less."
- Dan Schaal, PT
"In July of 2016, I retained FPM as my billing service. I have never before seen a more organized approach, professional demeanor, and responsiveness to my office needs. Simply put, my collections have gone up and the office income stream has never been better."
- Thomas S., DPM
"We knew we were having problems with our previous billing service when we decided to switch to Flatirons Practice Management in October last year [2016]. We just did not realize the extent of it. Halfway into this year, our collections are on track to double what we did last year."
- Eric S., DPM
"They addressed every detail quickly, promptly and are very professional. I wish all businesses were run like theirs."
- Sally J., DO
"Your team has been nothing short of amazing. So helpful and responsive to every single one of my questions."
- Chris R., DPT
"I’ve been a surgical assistant for 22 years and I’ve worked with multiple billing companies and I was often disappointed until I found Flatirons Practice Management.  They’re prompt and efficient and provide excellent customer service.  They produced outstanding collection results for me even in difficult times during COVID-19 and following the introduction of the Surprise Billing Law in Colorado.  I’ve been very pleased with their services and I recommend them enthusiastically for any provider who needs a quality medical billing service."
- Kathy D., CRNFA
"Your efficient and expedient management of issues is remarkable and a great benefit to me as a client. Thanks much for your help!"
- Jennifer M., DPT
"I wanted to let you know personally, that since I have hired you guys, I have been thrilled with everything. I can tell there is an attention to detail and pride in the work. I think FPM is doing an amazing job! You are the most professional and efficient billers that I’ve had in over 20 years of doing this."
- Clay G., CSFA
"I want to personally thank you for your promptness and continued efficiency. The support you have given us from the beginning has made it possible for me to survive financially during the most difficult time ever. I have dealt with many billing companies since 1992. I believe your company to be the best by far."
- Emilia R., MD

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    Explained by Owner and CEO, David Allen