Medical Billing Services

faster-paymentsFlatirons Practice Management submits your claims to the proper payer and monitors medical claims payments throughout the adjudication process. We expect payers to electronically confirm receipt of the claim within seven days of submission and follow up promptly if that doesn’t happen. We also get an electronic notification from the payer once the claim has been accepted as well as an electronic notification upon receipt of payment. Since adopting this technology, Flatirons Practice Management routinely sees claims paid within seven to 14 days and can track a claim’s progress throughout the process.

Claims paid in as little as seven days

In addition, Flatirons Practice Management provides counsel and advice on coding questions and we coordinate all electronic clearinghouse issues so that we can process your claims electronically to maximize the speed of your reimbursements. We also actively and aggressively work all claims that are delayed, rejected or denied, and work with you to resolve the issues and get the claims paid in a timely fashion. This includes initiating and pursuing appeals.

Reduced Rejections

Flatirons Practice Management’s process starts with accurate insurance eligibility verifications secured through our state-of-the-art web-based billing software. We “scrub” your claims data with the latest technology including the Correct Coding Initiative, Local Coverage Determinations, National Coverage Determinations, ICD compatibility, proper modifiers, gender-specific codes and others prior to submitting your claims to the payer.

Billing companies with outdated systems often allow your claims to be submitted with unresolved issues. This increases the chance of an insurance company rejecting your claim, which can delay your reimbursement by months. By being proactive, Flatirons Practice Management is able to reconcile any potential issues before processing your claims, reducing the potential for rejection and ultimately speeding up your reimbursement.