Optimal Size

Flatirons Practice Management is a medical billing service company with a staff of just over 40 personnel providing services to hundreds of healthcare providers across numerous states and multiple specialties. We’re large enough that we can afford state-of-the-art technology, we can afford to have multiple certified coders and full-time auditors on staff, and we can afford to not worry about whether we make money on any given claim. A smaller “mom and pop” billing service company can’t afford these things and it ultimately affects their performance.

But we’re not so large that we’ve forgotten what good customer service means. We take the time to get to know the nuances of your business so we can maximize results for you. Our senior management are personally accessible to you and prioritize attending to your needs. Our company owner and CEO personally audits our performance for each client each month to ensure that we’re producing optimal business results for them.

We have worked with Flatirons Practice Management since November 2007. I can testify that in today’s challenging healthcare environment they have been a blessing. Excellent communication, quickly addressing any problem that comes up, Up-to-date use of the latest billing software and optimizing our clinic’s financial potential are just a few reasons why I have been very pleased with their service. I can recommend (and have!) them to anyone who is looking for excellence in billing service.

Stefan, Clinic Owner