We Have Better Technology

Medical Billing Technology is key to our superior performance. The right software can help ensure that you’re paid accurately, more quickly, and with less human intervention. Flatirons Practice Management uses state-of-the-art billing software provided by HealthFusion® and gives you complimentary 24/7/365 web-based access to your optional patient schedule and electronic patient charts. Seamless integration of our systems allows for a virtually paperless exchange of data.

Our billing software contains the most modern claims scrubbing capabilities available which allow us to validate the claims, including verifying the necessary modifiers, before submitting them to payers. If a claim passes the edits, we have a very high degree of confidence that the claim will be paid correctly and in a timely fashion. Prior to the adoption of this technology, insurance claims could easily take 30 to 45 days before we’d receive payment. We now have clients using this software who are getting reimbursed in as little as seven calendar days.

Our billing system also includes an on-line, real-time eligibility verification tool which works electronically with most payers. Instead of having to go to multiple websites to verify eligibility for your patients or wasting valuable time on the telephone, FPM customers can verify the eligibility for most of their patients in a matter of seconds. Depending on how many new patients you see, this could potentially save you hours per day. Plus, the responses are legally binding and come with unique tracking numbers through our clearinghouse which enable us to hold the payers accountable for the information they provide, even if it’s out-of-date. Once you have a patient in our system with verified eligibility, the system can automatically re-verify each patient’s eligibility before every scheduled appointment. Most practices could never do this manually, but it’s essential to ensure that you’re paid for the services you render.

Our clients have the option to utilize a certified electronic health records software system which meets the federal meaningful use requirements and includes all the modern functionality you expect from EHR software. The system is user-friendly, intuitive, and customizable. In collaboration with our software vendor, Flatirons Practice Management can act as a resource for you and assist with your electronic health records needs as well.

We also work with other specialty-specific EHR programs to ensure that our clients have the tools and systems that best meet their unique needs.

In addition to superior technology and processes that provide effective billing, Flatirons Practice Management also backs up our data locally throughout the day and off-site every night at redundant, highly secure, HIPAA-compliant data centers so you can sleep well at night knowing that your data is safe and secure.