We Expect More and Get More from Our Personnel

We not only bonus our personnel based on their success in collecting your claims, we also closely monitor their performance. Unlike many billing companies who simply work hard and hope for the best, we track and graph several key performance metrics for each representative every month to ensure that they’re producing for you. This shows us which employees are stronger so we can learn from their experience, techniques, and tactics and emulate these across the rest of our team. We’re proactive in identifying subpar performance and taking the appropriate steps to improve that person’s performance or make personnel changes when necessary. We don’t wait for a client to complain before taking action. When the rare problem arises, we identify it, determine the best course of action, and implement the corrective action often before our client is even aware that there’s an issue. We hold our people accountable because we recognize that our value hinges on our ability to maximize your collections… and we take that responsibility very seriously.