We Fight to the Bitter End

The amount we spent in labor costs far exceeded the fee we earned.

Insurance companies are motivated to avoid paying claims and make the process of insurance claim collection as complicated as possible. Since most billing service companies are paid a percentage of what they collect, they often focus on the low-hanging fruit. But at Flatirons Practice Management, we pursue all claims with the same intensity and determination. We don’t give up regardless of the complexity or how much we stand to earn in fees. Instead of worrying about how much we make on any given claim, we prioritize having satisfied and loyal customers and trust that we’ll make money if we deliver superior results.

For example, we once submitted accurate claims for one of our clients to one of the nation’s largest insurance companies only to have them denied due to a date of birth discrepancy. After verifying with our client that the date of birth on the claims matched the date of birth in their records, we set off on a wild goose chase to reconcile the claims and get them paid. After countless phone calls, emails, and letters – including correspondence with the patient and her employer – we eventually proved to the insurance company that the date of birth in their records was incorrect and the date of birth on the claims was correct. This was harder than you’d expect. It took more than a year, but we ultimately prevailed and were successful in getting all of the corresponding claims paid for our client.

The difference? We lost money in the process. The amount we spent in labor costs far exceeded the fee that we earned. A lesser billing company would have thrown in the towel and written off the charges as uncollectible, perhaps without telling you. But that’s not Flatirons Practice Management. As long as the claim is valid and we have a legitimate angle to work, we will fight to the bitter end.