How We Produce Better Results

Keys to our success

We centralize core functionality

  • Our people truly develop expertise because they don’t have to wear so many hats

We organize our people into teams

  • Progress doesn’t stop when someone’s out sick or on vacation
  • It drives accountability because no one wants to carry someone else’s weight
  • It provides better continuity in the case of personnel turnover
  • Allows us to assign specific tasks to specific people based on their strengths

Automated phone calls to delinquent patients each month

  • Have demonstrated an 88% improvement in payments from delinquent patients

Fully integrated PM/EHR software

  • Up to 90% of claims paid by the following month
  • Lots of great tools to maximize the percentage of clean claims

Denial Defender

  • Proactively screens for known sources of denials (e.g., LCD/NCD, modifiers, etc)

Can and will electronically interface with other EHR systems too