I have been a client of FlatIrons Practice Management since 2006. Each and every member of the staff have always gone above and beyond expectation. They are so much more than a billing service. I have always been kept up-to-date on issues that I may not have otherwise been aware of as a sole practitioner. FPM has always been dedicated to maximal recovery of accounts receivable, no matter how long the payment has been overdue or how many denials/resubmission requests they are challenged with. The staff have always been friendly and professional in their interactions with me and my patients. Recently I sold my practice. Again FPM was there for me through every step, above and beyond expectation. They continue to assist in ensuring that I collect all the outstanding AR owed to my clinic. I strongly encouraged my successor to continue to use FPM and continue to refer other clinics to them. They are exceptional in all areas of service. I do not believe my business would have been as successful as it was without FPM. I sincerely thank all the staff at FPM.

We have worked with Flatirons Practice Management since November 2007. I can testify that in today’s challenging healthcare environment they have been a blessing. Excellent communication, quickly addressing any problem that comes up, Up-to-date use of the latest billing software and optimizing our clinic’s financial potential are just a few reasons why I have been very pleased with their service. I can recommend (and have!) them to anyone who is looking for excellence in billing service.

Thanks again for all of your amazing help and support for our practice including the transition to the new scheduling software. I feel so blessed to be one of your clients. I mean that sincerely.You and all of the people we work with at Flatirons are just wonderful!

Flatirons Practice Management provides the best customer service on the planet! The staff is committed to billing efficiency and providing quick payment turn-around. The owner, David Allen, has been extremely responsive to any report questions we have, and we have made profitable business decisions based on the reliable data he provides.

Our dedicated billing specialist is very efficient. Her having a great sense of humor is a huge asset when billing problems arise. All patient accounts are handled in a timely manner and she goes above and beyond when needed.

We contracted with Flatirons Practice Management to provide billing services for us in 2008. It may be the smartest business decision we have made in 20 years of providing physical therapy services.

For 11 years Flatirons Practice Management has been the financial and business mainstay of my solo medical practice. Their billing services are accurate, timely and pro-active. In addition, their knowledge of the complex insurance and regulatory environment is immensely helpful, particularly so with their expertise in Medicare rules and reimbursement issues. They are friendly yet professional, accessible, prompt and willing to tailor their procedures to meet my practice’s needs. I feel fortunate to have found such a partner and happy to have an opportunity to endorse their services.

You rock! I feel like I have my very own personal experts in my computer and available at all times.

They addressed every detail quickly, promptly and are very professional. I wish all businesses were run like theirs.