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Our Philosophy

We can help you whether you want to outsource the entire revenue cycle management process or you just need a little help. Our services can be customized to your specific needs.

Are you collecting as much as you should be?

If you use athenahealth’s electronic health records (EHR) software and their integrated billing service, you already know that you have to augment athena’s service with your own personnel to do the many things that athena doesn’t do. Or you simply don’t collect as much money as you should for the services you rendered.

We can help you

Flatirons Practice Management is a full-service medical billing company supporting medical practices who use athena. You don’t have to endure the frustrations of hiring and firing and managing billing personnel. We employ team members who are proficient with the athenahealth platform and we can provide as little or as much support as you need.

You can outsource the entire process to us or lean on us as needed to augment your own efforts. When you hire Flatirons Practice Management, you gain access to our entire organization to include certified billers, certified coders, dedicated auditors, and even our senior management. We provide the personnel, the physical space, and the IT infrastructure at competitive rates.


Get Better Results

Pain Management Clinic in Colorado

Average Reimbursement

Was: $0
Now: $0
  • Previously did their billing in-house and averaged collections of just $114.30 per visit.
  • Switched to Flatirons Practice Management and saw their average reimbursement per visit jump 44% to $164.22.
  • This has led to an increase in monthly profit of approximately $35,000

"I review the aging each month and I'm really impressed with how you are able to get the cash in the door quickly. Over 90+ days is at 8% - just a great number. We just had our largest collection month in the history of our clinic and that’s largely due to your efforts. I’ve said it many times before, but our success here has been predicated on the great work you have done for us since we opened almost five years ago. I just really appreciate everything you guys do."

- Don M., Clinic Owner