About Us

Flatirons Practice Management is a world-class medical billing service company based in Boulder, Colorado. Locally owned and operated, Flatirons Practice Management offers expertise in a wide range of specialties. Since 1996, we’ve provided exceptional billing services to the medical community with one goal in mind: delivering superior results.

Expect Unmatched Experience and Expertise

At Flatirons Practice Management, we believe that if you’re placing your livelihood in someone else’s hands, you should be very demanding about what you expect their credentials and experience to include. If you’re going to rely on their advice, make sure that they are truly experts in business, billing, coding, and insurance matters. When so much is at stake, don’t hire a billing company whose chief executive doesn’t have a business school education with sufficient and successful experience
in managing people and process. After all, people and process are the backbone of any successful billing organization and our success enables your success.

For 11 years Flatirons Practice Management has been the financial and business mainstay of my solo medical practice. Their billing services are accurate, timely and pro-active. In addition, their knowledge of the complex insurance and regulatory environment is immensely helpful, particularly so with their expertise in Medicare rules and reimbursement issues. They are friendly yet professional, accessible, prompt and willing to tailor their procedures to meet my practice’s needs. I feel fortunate to have found such a partner and happy to have an opportunity to endorse their services.

John Hiner, MD